Patrick Leigh Fermor: Books, Links and Websites

Posted on May 11th 2014

For afficionados of Patrick Leigh Fermor, this website has everything:…/welcome-to-the-patrick-leigh-ferm

I never walked a step of Paddy’s Great Trudge from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople.
To me those books are about a timeless Europe suspended somewhere between memory and imagination,
and I didn’t want to mess up the pictures that his writing had created in my head.
But Nick Hunt did walk across Europe, with only Paddy’s books to guide him. I wish Paddy could have read Walking the Woods and the Water – it’s wonderful.

If you have never watched the 1972 reunion of General Kreipe, his Cretan kidnappers and Paddy, here it is….

…and here is me talking about PLF at the Jaipur Literary Festival earlier this year.