On Biography

“I like writing biography, it gives you the impression of living another life – and it makes you think a lot about memory, and how people remember. Memories become overlaid with stories and interpretations over the years, it’s inevitable, and no story is ever told in exactly the same way twice. That’s why if I’m doing a series of interviews with someone, I ask the important questions more than once, at different times; and I listen very, very carefully to the answers.”

– Artemis Cooper F.R.S.L.

Researching St. Catherine’s Monastery

In April this year, I spent eight days at the Monastery of St Catherine’s in southern Sinai. There were  early mornings in church, listening to the chanting monks and watching the light gradually increase until it burst through the topmost windows; sessions in the magnificent new Library, looking at ancient manuscripts with the Librarian, Father Justin; and a very hot… Read more

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St Catherine’s Monastery Sinai

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